Bacteria is a very small single cell living organism, they do have a DNA (genetic material).

The first life forms to appear on Earth and are present in most of its habitats.

They inhabit water, soil, acidic hot springs, radioactive waste and the deep portions of Earth’s crust. Bacteria also live in parasitic and symbiotic relationships with plants, animals, and the human body.

Though their reputations are worse than that of crooked politicians, bacteria are a necessary part of our lives.

In fact, we can’t live without bacteria-they help us digest food, they add nutrients to our food choices before we even eat them, and good bacteria help to keep the bad bacteria out.

And bacteria grown at pharmaceutical companies have been trained to help & make many useful drugs, beer.

NEW TREND TO USE BACTERIA                      

Most companies assume their urinal can be kept clean and hygienic. Billions of gallons of water are used annually to flush toilets.

This includes consumption of natural resources and construction of new infrastructure to treat potable water and wastewater.

Now companies end up wasting money by continuously flushing water through the urinals to try and reduce the smell. The much better, safe and environmentally friendly solution is ACTIFLOW Technology.


It’s a unique urinal and water management system that not only serves water but also ensures that urinals remain clean and hygienic.

Inside the cartridges are millions of friendly bacteria that kill the bad bacteria by penetrating the uric salt to make them soluble and much safer for the pipeline.

It also has a unique odour lock to prevent bad odour rising up from the drains. It saves up to 90% of water bills.

One time flush required 3 to 4 litres of water is used. This will save up to 1 lakh ltr of water every day.

Uribug Actiflow Process

A cool example of using beneficial microbes in the indoor environment is bacillus strains with reduced odors in pub urinals.

Cleaning compound contains ammonia feeding bacillus spores, that bacteria converts the ammonia generated due to Uric acid accumulation to nitrogen.

Toilets are cleaner ever before and we don’t use lemongrass or any type of fragrances or oil to mask the smell.

bacillus bacteria

Mumbai airport authorities – there is no water in urinals instead of “green chemical” used to flush it’s a mixture of enzymes and bacteria.

It’s a hardworking bacteria that never take a day off it work 24/7 and this method is Eco-friendly.

This Water-less or no flush urinals include lower utility charges, improved restroom hygiene, and decreased maintenance.

As we all know urine is about 96% liquid, no additional water is really needed to wash it down the drain.


It is hoped that the outline which has been given of the bacterial life of Nature may serve to give some adequate idea of these organisms.

It will be seen that, as our friends, bacteria play a vastly more important part of Nature than they do as our enemy.

The number of described forms already runs far into the hundreds, and we do not yet appear to be approaching the end of them.

They are everywhere in Nature, and their numbers are vast beyond conception.

Their powers of multiplication are inconceivable, and they have the ability to produce profound chemical changes is therefore unlimited.

We must regard as our friends.

We must look upon them as agents ever at work, by means of which the surface of Nature is enabled to remain fresh and green.



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